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Pet Division 
<eating and drinking Division> 
A specialty store dream is produced bowwow newly!
The pleasure of the few meal is here, and a feeling frets so far.
Education Division   
Funerals and festivals Division
Salon Division

News from a dream

It is the first among Kyushu!


From the inside more than 100 kinds
Original only for oneself
A key chain
I can make it!

1,200 yen ...

Swarovski 5,400- yen

It is two minutes how
The completion! !
The completion
Such a feeling
The operation is easy♪

The sticker for the car!

A seal type sticker to put behind a car!
I can choose the name of the doggy, the silhouette of the doggy!
The dog species name becomes the dog species name of the chosen silhouette.
You will choose the design and can change the name, a silhouette of the inside, a dog species name!

It is the founding 60th anniversary in Nagasaki, Sasebo. The history of 60 is proof of the trust.

Self sees the puppy which propagated by the dream well and can make a reservation earlier. I am fully equipped with puppy sale, the trimming pet hotel. I handle the consultation of the pet, various goods. There are a pet shop and pet cremation, the cemetery of the Sasebo 3 store, too. I wait for all of you in all the reliable staff heartily.
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