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Salon Division

Dream X Cross dream X cross 

Dream X Cross dream X cross

Special "space" that Sasebo does not have ...
I offer "healing" to each visitor.
In the image of a resort of Bali "hospitality"
I appear with all efforts.
By all means to "hair salon Dream dream X Cross cross"
Carry a foot; ...
    Address    1976-12, Daitoucho, Sasebo-shi abadanto Daito 2-1F
   Telephone     0956-32-7770
   Business hours from 10:00 to 19:00
   Shop holiday Monday
   Parking lot existence


※An amount of money written on the cover is all the price exclusive of tax.

  ◆Cut (men's)         3,700 yen
  ◆Cut (Lady's)       4,000 yen
  ◆sen, university student cut         3,000 yen
  ◆Junior and senior high school students cut           \2,200~
  ◆Infant, primary schoolchild cut        1,800 yen
  ◆Color retouch (the root)     4,000 yen
  ◆Color short         5,000 yen
  ◆Color medium        5,500 yen
  ◆A color is long          6,000 yen
  ◆Color bleach         \5,000~
  ◆Color we - Bing       \3,000~
  ◆Color acidity color        4,500 yen
  ◆Color student color        4,000 yen
  ◆Permanent point         3,000 yen
  ◆Permanent short         4,500 yen
  ◆Permanent medium        5,000 yen
  ◆Permanent is long          5,500 yen
  ◆Permanent digital (there is no cut) \7,000~
  ◆Permanent student           4,000 yen
  ◆Frizzy hair correction (cut distinction) point \2,000~
  ◆Frizzy hair correction (cut distinction) short 8,000 yen
  ◆Frizzy hair correction (cut distinction) medium 8,500 yen
  ◆Frizzy hair correction (cut distinction) long 9,000 yen
  ◆Frizzy hair correction (cut distinction) student      7,000 yen
  ※Case including the cut
    General \12,500~\14, 500
    Student \9,000~
    High school student \8,000~
    Junior high student \7,000~
  ◆Senior set menu (cut color or permanent) 65 years old or older
    Silver rate 6,500 yen
  ◆The one piece of article menu is shampoo blow \1,000~
  ※Only in the case of a cut, it includes a shampoo blow


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