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Event information of the skewer highway

Original skewer deep frying, charcoal fire barbecued chicken skewer highway (how is comb worth)

Using seasonal fresh ingredients skewer deep frying, a charcoal fire barbecued chicken
The skewer highway which was particular about the atmosphere of the shop as Maine
Please enjoy it! !
The pleasure of the unprecedented meal is here, and a feeling frets.
By the menu that feelings, a visitor can enjoy the ingredients
I offer hospitality.
Have one article of the supreme bliss to produce tastes!
    Address    9-3, Shimokyomachi, Sasebo-shi amorino building 1F
   Telephone     0956-76-9492
   Business hours 18: 00 ...
   Shop holiday Wednesday
   No parking lot  

A menu photograph has many kinds of menus besides!

Height of Miyazaki production center chicken sewing

Steaming a whole fish basil source

Assorted ten kinds of original skewer deep frying

Assorted ten kinds of original skewer deep frying

Assorted ten kinds of original skewer deep frying

Scallop carpaccio

Barbecued chicken height of ten to entrust you

An unrivaled article! I warm the oxtongue of the calf and stab you

Tomato skewer deep frying basil source

It is owner soot! Pig's trotter bincho charcoal firing

Pig's trotter charcoal fire skewer


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